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GENEPLUS at Suhn Cattle Co

GENEPLUS @ Suhn Cattle Co

Eureka, KS

March 22, 2022


An enthusiastic crowd full of repeat customers and new faces gathered at Suhn Cattle Company on a cold and wet Tuesday to appraise and acquire a set of Brangus and Ultrablack bulls stacked with phenotype and data built to withstand multiple environments and market situations.  Evaluated by top registered and commercial cattlemen from across the country, bulls sold to 16 states and Mexico, ranging from South Carolina to South Dakota to Oregon.   In total, 151 bulls were offered to average $5220.  A sale annually noted for producing breed leading A.I. sires, highlights were as follows.

Lot 64, Suhn’s Signal 53J2, from Suhn Cattle Company was a moderate framed, massive hipped, big topped, deep sided son of Signal and backed by one of the top young dams in the breed.  When the hammer dropped the market commanded $50,000 from Genesis Ranch, Columbus, TX for full interest and full possession.

Lot 68, Suhn’s Octane 53J9, from Suhn Cattle Company was built on maternal excellence and possessed extra extension and dimension, stemming from one of the phenotypic queens in Eureka in 53D2.  With a hotly contested race, Chimney Rock Cattle Company, Concord, AR owned the herd sire at the end of the day at $30,000 for full interest and full possession.

Lot 44, Suhn’s Fenco Relevant 30J4, raised by Suhn Cattle Company stacked elite growth and carcass in a calving ease package, with a sheath design that satisfies the greater marketplace.  Smooth and stout, he was acquired by Fenco Farms, Floral City, FL at $28,000 for 2/3 interest and full possession.

Lot 77, LM MCC Churchill 75J11, from Lake Majestik Farms was a curve bending individual with as much birth to yearling spread as is found anywhere in the breed, and doing so in a complete and eye appealing package.  His form, function and phenotype was appreciated by Mt. Carmel Cattle Company, Birmingham, AL as he selected the herd sire at $25,000 for 2/3 interest and full possession.

Lot 56, Vorel Masterpiece 40J2, from Vorel Farms combined carcass merit and eye appeal into an extra dimensional package and was found by several outstanding cattlemen, finally being selected by Jackson’s Double J Brangus, Gentry, AR at $18,000 for full interest and full possession.

The next offering of GENEPLUS genetics at auction will be November 4-5th at Chimney Rock Cattle Company where the partners will present 100 Elite Registered Females, 160 Brangus and Ultrablack bulls and 350 commercial Brangus females.  For more information or to view private treaty offerings visit www.