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Environmental Adaptability

With their ability to thrive on multiple types of forage from the swamps of Florida to the desert country of Nevada to the endophyte infected fescue in Missouri, Brangus cattle have proven they are sustainable in any environment, maintain their ability to slick off in the heat, yet with stand the coldest of colds. Breeders also find a significant decrease in eye problems as well as parasite and disease infections, problems which cost the rest of industry millions of dollars per year. 

Maternal Factory

Brangus females have always been admired for their excellent udder quality and milk production with an innate ability to maintain flesh while completing the most important job a cow can, breeding back every 365 days. Brangus sired females can and will raise more high quality offspring in their lifetime than any other breed available because of their longevity of life, tremendously sound udder structure and superior fertility for years upon years.


The science, as well as dollars and cents, behind this phenomenon are well documented. The increase in production from using Brangus genetics in a cross breeding program amounts to $250 annually/cow exposed, over a 10 year period, as opposed to a straight breeding program such as Angus x Angus. Furthermore, research has proven a cross breeding program with Brangus genetics shows an increase in production of 25-30% over a cross breeding program combining two English and/or continental Breeds, such as Angus x Herford, Angus x Gelbvieh, Angus x Simmental, etc.  The science is real, the results are real and the dollars are certainly real!

Feeding Ability/Carcass Quality

While historically Brangus may have been overlooked in this segment, GENEPLUS cattle have proven they have the ability to compete with the best of the best in feedyards across the country, with a built-in efficiency that allows for an improved feed to gain, in turn a lower cost of gain. Furthermore, with multiple data sets showing cattle consistently grading in the 80%+ Choice or better, and their black hide allowing for CAB acceptance at the 40% and higher mark, these cattle can marble AND yield, as they will nearly always add 2-3% of carcass weight while significantly reducing the number of YG 3s&4s when compared to most all of their “high-end $B” type Angus contemporaries.  

“After having the opportunity to feed these cattle for several years now, I couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of the calves. Not only is their feedlot performance exceptional, but they also go on to generate some of the highest premiums that we see on the grid.”

– Shane Tiffany, Tiffany Cattle Co., Herington, KS  

Why Brangus? Why Now?

My wife has always joked that all purebred breeders think they have the “Perfect Breed”.  While I realize we’ve yet to make that perfect specimen, and that no breed is “Perfect”, it is quite obvious to me that Brangus and UltraBlack fit more environments across the country, more effectively and efficiently than any other breed in North America. From calving ease to carcass and maternal excellence to added performance, all in multiple environments, this breed really does come closer than any other to being the “Perfect Breed”.


GENEPLUS is one of the leading supplier of Brangus and Ultrablack genetics in the United States.  GENEPLUS markets over 350 bulls annually across North America.  Formed by a progressive group of Brangus enthusiasts, their united goal of supplying a superior genetic package to a commercial industry lacking the volume and quality these breeders could provide, filled a niche that has helped propel them into their second decade in this unique marketing alliance.  With 100+ years of experience breeding registered Brangus seedstock, the 4 partner owners are well seasoned within the industry.

Relying on their solid foundation, with a continual eye for the future, the impact of GENEPLUS is seen throughout America as they annually produce the breed leader in registrations with the International Brangus Breeder’s Association, and this influence continues worldwide as their semen and embryo sales have stretched throughout South America, Africa and Australia.  Through a breeding philosophy focused on producing phenotypically correct cattle that fit their environment maternally and structurally, while still maintaining the performance and carcass merit the marketplace requires, GENEPLUS has earned its spot amongst the leaders globally, as a supplier of premium genetics to both registered and commercial cattlemen.


The saying goes “there is more difference within a breed than there are between breeds”. To an extent there is some truth to this. At GENEPLUS we think you are buying more than a breed, you are buying a brand. With that comes an expectation of quality and performance throughout the production cycle.  Our success is your success.  While we take VERY seriously the GENETIC package we strive to produce, more important is the TRUST that you place in us as your seedstock provider.  You expect a product of the highest genetic merit backed by rigorous testing and health standards and an uncompromising guarantee that it is what we stay it is every time you pull out of our gate.  The cattlemen within GENEPLUS have spent decades trying to earn your respect and your acceptance of our product is humbling. We look forward to future of this industry and the opportunity to serve you.