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The Next Step

The past 11 years and 47 sales we had under our previous umbrella were great to us. We experienced success that far exceeded our expectations ignited by the fire in our gut to be the most complete and advanced genetic representation of the Brangus breed.  No doubt, we have all experienced change in life at some point. Business changes, changes in views, system changes, and changes in dynamics. In 2020, we feel it is time to make a leap into the Next Step in Trusted Genetics: GENEPLUS.

The brainchild of Vern Suhn, Bill Davis, Randy Schmidt and Nic Cornelison, the goal of GENEPLUS is to continue to build upon the view and vision we have held closely for years in producing a product that fits a wide range of environments, production systems and price points.

The cattlemen within GENEPLUS have a number of things in common but one thing you notice upon entering each of our operations, we’re all grass guys.  We believe grass was put on this earth for cows to graze, and cows were put here to survive on grass.  If you have to carry everything a cow eats to her to survive, your pocketbook will never survive.

Another unique thing you’ll notice in each of these operations (which should not be unique but in the purebred business has become such) is that fertility is of utmost importance.  Cows are expected to calve every 365 days, if not they’re losing money.  We can pack all of the performance, carcass and $values into one we want but if they can’t calve on time, they’ll never work in the long run.   

We are in the information age in every aspect of life, and this ranks high for GENEPLUS as well.  We love data, information and analyzation of everything we can measure.  We take all weights with a scale, accurately construct contemporary groups, have fully embraced DNA and are constantly accessing EPD’s to utilize as a tool in our selection criteria.

We still value phenotypic selection.  By nature we view cattle with our eyes.  We employ each and every afore mentioned tool equally and accurately but at the end of the day we still like to view them from the ground up and expect correct feet and leg structure and appreciate moderate framed, deep sided, expressively muscled cattle with substance and style that appeal to the broader market place, regardless of their geographic region.

The demand and need for the right Brangus and Ultrablack influence in the beef industry continues to grow as feeders and packers understand that these cattle will outperform the popular English breed without sacrificing carcass.  All the while cow/calf producers are realizing the tangible and intangible characteristics Brangus and Ultrablack cattle can inject from increased performance, exceptional mothering ability, reduced hair coat and increased heat tolerance in a package that is highly marketable and readily accepted.

All of these things are important and highly valued within our production system and industry vision.  But all are useless without a deep trust between us, as the seedstock producer, and you, our customer.  We are an open book.  No games and no gimmicks, just good cattle, good people and a relationship built over time on trust, knowing that what we say is and will always be what we say it is.  GENEPLUS, The Next Step in Trusted Genetics.