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Vorel Abstract 25E9


One of the most elite numerical gatherings in the entire breed, Abstract has proven to be a sire that can produce chart topping performance with extreme consistency and quality in his progeny. 


The popularity of Abstract continues to grow domestically and internationally as breeders recognize his ability to add performance and reduce the cull rate across the board.


A maternal brother to Currency, the dam of Abstract has been an outstanding producer for Vorel Farms in the UB program.


Abstract daughters coming into production in 2022 appear to have the right size, design and udder structure to last for years to come.


Working on a wide range of females, the Abstract offspring are long spined, good bodied and sound with exceptional dispositions and sheath designs. 

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DOB: December 28, 2017   //   UB 1  //   Owned by: Suhn Cattle Company  //   2022 EPDs