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Unique pedigree and EPD package built to add performance, carcass and maternal excellence. 


A feature of the 2021 Suhn sale, Wide Load has matured into an exceptionally attractive 2-year-old that is big bodied, big topped and free moving.


Both Brickhouse and Trail Boss are noted for exceptional females and stacked on top of the highly maternal 53 cow family, the replacements should be EXCEPTIONAL


An outcross to Three D, Wide Load presents a widely useable pedigree package that can be mated back to Brangus or Ultrablacks with extreme confidence in quality and sheath design.


With the first calves coming in the spring of 2022, expect Wide Load to add capacity, structural integrity and exceptional maternal and carcass characteristics. 

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DOB: February 12, 2020   //   UB 2  //   Owned by: Suhn Cattle Co. & Lake Majestik Farms  //   2022 EPDs