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A crowd favorite at Suhn’s in 2021 noted for his moderation, big body and huge hip, Kingpin was the selection of Chimney Rock to anchor their program moving into the next decade. 


Kingpin brings the carcass and performance of his sire with more substance and is backed by an extremely high quality, easy keeping and extra consistent cow family.


The dam of Kingpin is on the front end of the elite donor battery at Suhn’s, and a picture perfect UB1 that epitomizes the industry needs.


The 53 cow family will be a staple of herd sire producers moving forward and Kingpin is at the forefront of that family.


Utilize Kingpin to moderate mature size, while adding body and dimension in a package that is an outcross to Three D and Hombre. 

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DOB: February 5, 2020   //   Owned by: Chimney Rock Cattle Company  //   2022 EPDs