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An unsung hero, especially in pastures across the country, Brickhouse daughters are doing a phenomenal job as calf raisers.


Rising to the top of their contemporary groups as production females Brickhouse daughters are the right size with exceptional udder integrity. 


Brickhouse remains one of the few Brangus bulls that can correct sheath design in one generation and a high accuracy sire whose data is stable from end to end.


Brickhouse sons have seen good demand, including Wide Load, who is now working at Lake Majestik, and his full brother who highlighted the 2022 Suhn offering. 


Use Brickhouse on Three D and Beacon type daughters with extra capacity but needing some help in terms of sheath and navel design.

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DOB: January 31, 2016   //   Brangus  //   Owned by: Schmidt Farms & Cavender Brangus    //   2022 EPDs



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