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A unique outcross herd sire noted for his tremendous extension and eye appeal, Intrigue is as his name suggests, with outstanding performance and elite carcass merit. 


Posting an adjusted IMF of 8.28% as a yearling, with ratios of 114 at weaning, 104 at yearling, 107 on REA and 123 on IMF.


An EXTREMELY impressive individual as a 2 year old after his first two breeding seasons, Intrigue is massive bodied and hipped with a great sheath design and super extension and smoothness in his front 1/3. 


With his first calves hitting the ground in the spring of 2022, it appears Intrigue is working on a wide range of Brangus and Ultrablack females.


Intrigue is certainly one to utilize for carcass, quality and style in a pedigree with a different twist. 

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DOB: March 1, 2020   //   Owned by: Suhn Cattle Company & TJ Moore Ranch   //   2022 EPDs