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CB Oracle 468F15


One of the most unique data collections to present itself to the Brangus breed in several years.


Oracle’s combination of calving ease, growth, maternal and carcass is virtually unrivaled in the Brangus breed. 


Phenotypically, Oracle is as his picture appears, long, complete, smooth and sound with a great sheath design. 


Use Oracle to add performance, carcass and a maternal package on a wide range of Brangus and UB females. 


With individual performance that matches his EPD profile and a pedigree with no Three D intact, his breeding value is limitless.


* Discounted price per unit good thru May 1, 2020 



DOB: March 7, 2018   //   Owned by: Schmidt Farms, Lake Majestik & Cavender Brangus   //   2020 EPDs