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CB Oracle 468F15


A rising star in the Brangus breed, Oracle has proven to be an option that can produce front end herd sires and premium female prospects.


Oracle has been used successfully on large heifer breeding projects and still maintains exceptional growth, maternal and carcass quality with a high-quality sheath design and a slick hair coat.


Oracle and his progeny are proving to be sound footed and very flexible from the ground up. 


Gaining popularity with every calf crop, Oracle will see increased use in 2022.


Cattle have the ability to get better everyday of their life, utilize Oracle to add smoothness and style to stout, coarser made females without sacrificing performance and carcass.

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DOB: March 7, 2018   //   Brangus   //   Owned by: Schmidt Farms, Lake Majestik & Cavender Brangus   //   2022 EPDs