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One of the top sources of carcass excellence in the breed, Trail Boss has proven his worth even more so as he matured with several leading breeders using him in AI programs at 8 years of age. 


Trail Boss’ daughters have added to his appeal as they are good uddered, fertile calf raisers that have shown their productivity as Brangus and UB alike and proven popular in the marketplace, including the $19,500 bred heifer 919H12 selling at CRC in 2021. 


Sons continue to show their appeal in the purebred and commercial business, including the $15,000 Kingpin, selected at Suhn’s in 2021. 


Utilize Trail Boss on cattle with substance and body that need more eye appeal and overall smoothness in design.


With Trail Boss deceased, and a limited amount of semen available contact GENEPLUS for availability.

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DOB: February 15, 2014   //   Brangus   //   Owned by: Suhn Cattle Co. & Cavender Brangus     //   2022 EPDs



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